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Welcome to LoadManager, Eclipse Transervices Corporation online transportation management software.
If you have already signed up for an account, you may enter your username and password using the "U/P" boxes below to view/update your companies' load and truck information. If you would like to sign up for an account, click the "Sign Up" link below.

If you would like to browse currently available loads and trucks without an account, click one of the links on the navigation bar on the left. You may also limit by state using the "Map View" feature.

For new users:
Once you have signed up for a new account and log in, you will see 4 new options on the navigation bar to the left:
- My Loads
- My Trucks
- My Companies
- My Listings

My Loads and My Trucks work just like Available Loads and Available Trucks, with two crucial distinctions: 1) On your My Trucks and My Loads pages, the information displayed is limited to the information you have already entered, and 2) On your My Trucks and My Loads pages, you have the option of deleting any of the listed information.

If you manage load and/or truck information for only one company, this page should only list a single company's information, and you shouldn't have to refer back to this page very often. If, on the other hand, you manage loads and/or truck info for several companies, this is where the different companies are listed, as well as being the page you will return to in order to add or delete entries.

My Listings shows ALL of the loads and trucks entered for ALL of the companies you manage, broken down by individual company.

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